Why “2 Great Lights”?

So what’s the significance behind the name “2 Great Lights”? It comes from a verse in the bible; Genesis 1:16:

And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.


This is one of the first biblical contradictions that led me to skepticism. After-which I’ve discovered countless more, and discovered just how hard Christians are willing to bend the text of the bible to fit the real world.

There are several things to notice in this verse. Firstly, the sun and the moon are placed in basically the same category; as a great light, but they are far from similar, apart from the fact that both appear to be round and similar in size from our earthly perspective.

Also, just a few verses before, God created light. Where was the source of this light?

At the end of verse 16, added almost as an insignificant afterthought, it says “he made the stars also”. Today we understand how vast the universe is. Its agreed even by a majority of Christians that there are other galaxies out there and that we are extremely small compared to the vast reaches of space. To consider these stars as lesser than our own average sized star as well as our tiny moon is absurd.

This story is written just as we would expect it from an ancient ignorant observer. And by ignorant I don’t mean they were stupid, just that the human understanding of the world was so narrow at that point that we shouldn’t expect them to believe anything else. Consider the ancient belief that the earth is flat. Anyone who’s experienced the view of an open landscape from a high peak can understand how one could assume the world is flat. The planet is so massive, that it’s impossible to see the earth’s curve beyond the horizon.

The sun and moon seem to be the same size and much larger than all the other dots of light in the sky. The planets in our solar system look just like the stars aside from their alternating positions in the sky. The moon does seem like it emits a dim light on the earth, but in truth it’s surface reflects light from the sun.

It’s time for Christians to move beyond the literal claims of the bible. It’s obviously not timeless, which means instead of making new editions to the bible with updates, it is locked in, forcing the followers of the bible to make extreme and complex explanations for the contradictions that were revealed as our understanding was revealed.

This is why I hold truth over everything, even God. I trust science because it can change and doesn’t depend on one unalterable truth. And it’s not that science is changing because its constantly wrong, it’s that it’s always becoming less wrong as we take small steps towards what is true.


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